Our Services

We are seeking for customers who are looking to replace their business communications technology within the next six months (and have 10+ employees).
The technology covered includes:
‣ Hosted Voice (UCaas)
‣ Contact Centre (CCaaS)
‣ Connectivity
‣ Security
Our simple SIX STEP Process is as follows:
1. An initial fact-finding discussion on your current technology requirements and challenges
2. We will prepare a shortlist of potential solutions and share with you for further discussion
3. Selected vendors will be invited to meet with you and demonstrate their solutions, focussing on how they would meet your particular challenges and requirements
4. Initial pricing will be obtained to help you make a decision (and we can help with any negotiations)
5. When you are happy with a vendor and their solution you can contract with them directly
6. M2C Advisory Services stay connected with you throughout the process and post implementation to ensure that you have a great experience
Let’s start our conversation today with an initial call
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Do we need to sign a
contract with M2C?
No – the only contract that will be signed is the one that you will sign with the winning vendor in order to activate the service.
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What is Benefits
Developed by Cranfield University, this approach enables customers to identify, define, plan and realise all potential benefits to a change project. One of our Practitioners will provide this as an additional service.
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What happens post
Just because the technology has been implemented we do not consider this the end of the project. Benefits Realisation is the next step and we need to revisit on a regular basis to check that we are achieving everything that was promised e.g. three monthly.
Benefits Management Mapping
We can help you identify, plan, measure and track benefits from the start of the project until realisation of the last projected benefit.
We can ensure that the desired benefits are:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Agreed
– Realistic
– Time bounded
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