The answers to some of the common questions that we are often asked

Do M2C Advisory Services sell technology?
No we don’t, we provide an advice service using our unique access to many of the leading technology vendors.
Are you technology experts?
No, however, we do have lots of experience and more importantly we have access to industry reports, vendor resources and independent technical teams that can help us with your decision making.
How are your services funded – it suggests that you are free?
We are paid comissions by the successful technology vendor
What happens if we don’t proceed with the project or we decide to go with a vendor who you do not work with?
Not a problem, There is no commitment on your part to proceed or to contract with one of our vendor partners.
Does this mean that we will end up paying a premium price in order to fund your services?
On the contrary, we will help you obtain the best possible price from the vendor as this is a VERY competitive market and all of the different vendors are trying to increase their market share as quickly as possible.
How independent are you?
Totally independent! All the vendors pay roughly the same comission so we are not swayed by or influenced with different reward structurs.
Surely you will push the most expensive solutions to us to maximise commission!
This would be extemely shortsighted of us. Our comissions are paid throughout the lift of the contract so the key thing is for us to help you choose the right solution.
What is Benefits Management – do we really need it?
This is business consultancy that we are willing to provide as an additional FREE service as it will help you define your requirements, help engage with all of your key stakeholders and ensure that the technology solution you invest in provides the MAXIMUM business benefits.
What happens post implementation?
We will not be disappearing! it is in our interest that we continue to engage with you after the implementation. If we have completed a Benefits Management Plan (and we highly recommend this) then we start to track and report on the business benefits for you.
Do we get less choice of Vendors with you?
Whilst we work with most of the leading technology venfors the list is not exhaustive. If there is a vendor that you would particularly like us to include we are more than happy to explore this further.