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Latest industry stats show that 70% of UK businesses are currently evaluating cloud phone and Contact Centre providers


Do your current  systems tick any of these boxes :

• Difficult to manage and time consuming

• Complicated

• Unreliable

• Expensive to add new users or locations

• Inflexible when needing to reduce users

•Lack integration to other applications

• Struggle to provide any useful analytics


Working from home is the new normal with chat, SMS, Video and Social media are the new phone call. Speed is the new competitive battleground and cloud applications are the new strategic differentiator

Are your business communication tools fit for the new challenges that working from the office, home and ‘on the move’ demand ?

We are all in agreement that there is a new normal

‘work is no longer a PLACE but now a case of WHEN and WHERE’

Investment in the correct business communication tools can:

Reduce your costs

Increase workforce productivity levels

Increase your revenues

Increase customers satisfaction and customer experience levels

Help you meet regulatory requirements (where applicable)

We have 25 years’ experience in the technology business, have access to the latest INDUSTRY REPORTS and supported by a team of independent TECHNICAL EXPERTS.

– Understand what technologies are now available
– Build a shortlist of potential vendors based on your requirements

– Arrange introductions to these vendors (and we work with the best!)

– Facilitate demonstrations

– Obtain quotes and help you negotiate the right price

We are your INDEPENDENT Trusted Advisors and will ensure that you obtain the best solution for your business at the most COMPETITVE PRICE.